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<3 THEM!

9 July
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name: Madeline
nicknames: Maddie, Mads, Yankee, Iips
age: 15
birthday: July 9th
year: 10th
lefty or righty?: Righty

backround info
best friends: Megan McCormick, Jinny Parades, Becca Whitlock, Jin Vandoran
residence: Clermont, FL

social status
marital status: Single.
boyfriend: None.
crush: ....
sexual orientation: Straight.
past relationships: ....
turn ons: Smart, funny, nice, good sense of humor
turn offs: Stupid, clingieeness, meanness, horride sense of humor

color: Green.
drink: Sprite
food: Pasta
thing to do: Acting
class: Musical Theater
animal: Dog
scent: Roses
show: Into the Woods and Josehp and the Amazing Techinicolor Dreamcoat

people: I have a list.
thing to do: Study.
class: Math
animal:Spiders and Snakes
scent: Smelly things

hair: Blonde
eyes: Blue
height: 5'5''

LAYOUT PICTURE BY potter_bunnies

Potter Puffs are Puffy love...

PotterPuffs are love

w-inds. Is Fangirl Love

Sakura Blossoms are Beautiful Love

Sake is Intoxicating Love

Kimonos are Doll-Me-Up Love

Fruits Basket is zodiac love

Yankee Is Crazy Love

Kisa is innocent love

Ryohei, Ryuichi, and Keita are Shiki lurve.

Rupert is LoveSex

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